Rishabh's Home Tuition

For IGCSE & IB Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics


Suresh Soni

CEO Deutsche Bank AM

Rishabh Sir comes is a very affable and engaging teacher. With his inductive teaching method he was able to significantly raise my son’s interest in the subjects. His grades in all subjects have improved and his score in Additional Maths, Physics, Extended Maths has seen significant improvement. My son loved the fact that he did not give any homework.
I wish him very best in his future endeavours.

Janhavi Mantri

HR Manager India, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

Rishabh Sir has his unique style of teaching. He does not emphasis on theoretical teaching , he believes in making my son understand the concepts by experiencing it.
He would always bring some videos related to the topic he is going to teach. My son has really made progress in his studies and he likes Rishabh’s teaching style and never gets bored.

Mangesh & Sunita Karad

Director MIT Group of Institutes

Rishabh Sir taught my daughter for her 10th standard. She scored 96% in physics, chemistry and maths. He had covered the teaching well in advance and spend hours helping her practice. Because of his diligence she could achieve this success.

Shalini Nair

Rishabh Sir put in a lot of efforts with my son in understanding his calibre and interest. His teaching skills are simple, practical and innovative.
Not only did he help my son in developing an interest in Mathematics, he harnessed his interest in Chemistry by introducing him to the practical kit wherein my son would explore his curiosity and find out answers to different chemical reactions. We heartily thank Rishabh Sir for his wholehearted and selfless teaching and wish him all the very best for a great future ahead. Thank you soo very much Rishabh Sir.

Rashmi Kovvammal

Amcor Limited

Rishabh sir is an epitome of “Great teacher don’t teach” .
His innovative style of teaching where in my son did not have to sit back and complete hours of homework and yet manage to get A-grade is stupendous. He teaches you “How to think” and not “what to think” .
He managed to get my son in the driver’s seat , he developed a level of curiosity wherein my son was always looking forward to, what, new will be taught today.
I have seen an overall increase in my sons confidence and interest in the subjects taught by Rishabh Sir. I give credit of his behavioural change and success to Rishabh Sir …Thankyou so much.

Dr. Sunil Karad

Director, Vishwashanti Gurukul

Rishabh Sir taught my son diligently and took efforts to inculcate interest His teaching approaches are innovative, he never gives home work and spends as much time teaching as practicing in the class. I see increase in overall confidence in my son.